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Name:Smart Rack


Rack cabinet features.
Rack cabinet Custom made based on the type of Linknet LNH / LNS series.
Load Capacity: 960 KG.
2 Vertical cable manager default included with the 800mm wide rack cabinet.
Front door and rear doors should be perferated doors.
4 Castors & 4 Level feet included.
2 quick-Removable side panels with round locks.
Safety class IP40 rating.
19'' profile rails mounted in the front and back of the cabinet.
19'' profile rails adjust the depth.
19'' profile rails with "U" -marking.
Cable entry with metal coverd at the top and bottom.
Available in light grey color RAL7035 and black color RAL9005.
Several earthing points for rack components.
Disassembly ( knock down) packing and assembly(build-up) packing optional.
LNA Smart Rack can be used for specially required in security and function.
By connecting the smart PDU inside of the rack, the enviroment condition,
temperature, humidity and all the equipments power condition can be monitored
in computer in your office. Also, simply monitoring on the 8'' LED screen showed
also. By typing password on the screen to open the rack door.
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